Born in Rio de Janeiro, 47 years old Roberto Berliner is a music video, publicity and documentary films director. He was one of the founders of Circo Voador (vanguard venue place at the beach opened to all arts manifestations in the 80's in Rio), There, he documented the work of new musicians, dancers, theater and circus people and their social initiatives in some of Rio's poor communities. Pioneer in directing music videos, he made "Alagados" and "A novidade", of the band Os Paralamas do Sucesso. Latter, he was awarded for his works "Mandrake e os cubanos" and "Partida de futebol", both songs by Skank, a band from Minas Gerais, and "Cachimbo da paz", by Gabriel o Pensador. His documentaries were also award winners in Brazil and other countries. Among them there are "Angola" (1988), "God For all" (1993), "Street sounds" (1997), the short film "You Are What You Are Born For" (1999) and "Turning the Inner Side" (2002). "Born to be blind" is his first documentary in 35mm for the cinema. Today he is one of the owners of TvZero, where he dedicates his time to some new episodes of the series "Street sounds" and develops his first fiction film "The lady of the images", based upon the life of the Dra. Nise da Silveira.